Quantify climate vulnerability
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In the face of limited budgets for adaptation,
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Make resilience actionable

Powerful assessments that align resilience in your organization's day-to-day operations

Empowering local government staff with an increased understanding of vulnerability helps improve decisions made in all local government departments. With AccelAdapt, local government has a powerful tool to assist in aligning resilience to operational workflows.


Assess a full range of acute and chronic climate challenges, drawing on data from trusted sources.

Locally quantified

Local assessments powered by your land records and ordinances. Ensure equity with included social metrics.

Affordable and rapid start

Get started building resilience on-budget and on-time.

Regularly updated

Your community is constantly changing, your resilience assessment should keep up.

Remove the guesswork

Confidently take action for adaptation and resilience

Understanding how global change is felt locally is challenging. There are many great resources to help you understand these impacts in general; AccelAdapt helps you understand these impacts in particular. Built on the Federal-standard Steps to Resilience climate resilience framework we helped to design, AccelAdapt empowers you with the assessments you need to take action.

Built on the GIS platform you trust

ArcGIS and AccelAdapt work together to make cities and counties climate resilient

Assessments published to your organization

Our assessments are published as feature services to your ArcGIS Enterprise or Online organization. Take advantage of our tailored AccelAdapt viewer or roll the assessment outputs into your own viewer. Since the feature services are in your ArcGIS organization, you can pull any of the assessments into any of your projects on your ArcGIS desktop software for further integration into your workflows.

"By including staff from across our city departments, we now have increased understanding of the issues as well as the knowledge and analysis we need to align resilience in our daily operations. We are now much better prepared to make the most effective and equitable application of the dollars we are investing in resilience."

Penni Redford, Sustainability Manager

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Increase the effectiveness of your investments for resilience

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